Cover Designs That Sell

Cover Designs That Sell

The design of your book cover should not be overlooked. This is the first thing that will attract a potential reader and encourage him/her to buy your book. Do not attempt to design your book cover on your own unless you are an experienced graphics designer. Design is an art that is perfected after years of experience. 

You want your self published book to sell, right? Then, be sure that you have an attractive cover design. But with so many persons claiming to be graphics designers, whom should you choose to design the front and back covers of your self published book?

  • Choose a designer who has many years of experience in designing book covers. With experience, the designer would know cover and spine specifications, formats and output options.
  • Choose a designer who is willing to listen to your ideas and who can offer suggestions for improving the look and feel of your book.
  • Choose a designer who has affordable rates and packages. Being expensive does not guarantee a better job!
  • Choose a designer who uses high quality design software

You have spent time, effort and money in writing your manuscript so please, do not compromise on the cover design. With an attractive cover and great content, you will be on your way to success.

At Rocima Publishing, we have some of the best graphics designers available. Do not hesitate to contact us for your design needs.


Rocima Publishing is an excellent book publishing company. I am very pleased with their services and I will be publishing my second book with them in the near future.

Kenrick Richardson

“I am well pleased with the cover; It is truly beautiful and perfect. You capture the essence of my work through art. Excellent publishing work. I thank God for all you have done for me. May God richly bless your company.”

Claire Hospedales

I am satisfied with the services done by Rocima Publishing. The staff was committed and patient. They provided me with answers I wanted throughout my publishing experience. I will definitely recommend them to persons who always wanted to publish a book but were skeptical about the process.


“With many hiccups PSLU’s Love Book 2014 didn’t look like it was coming through. However, at the last minute Rocima came through for me. Mr. Ashook Abdool, is truly dedicated to his work. He personally worked overtime to deliver my books on time.”


“Special thanks to Rocima Publishing for their genuine sincerity. I am fully satisfied with their service and level of professionalism.”

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