The Author As The Marketer

The Author As The Marketer

You have just published your book and you are excited to share it to the world and to see the profits coming in. But for your book to be successful, it must be marketed in the right way. Marketing involves not just the promoting and selling of your book, but also research.In this article we will look at some marketing strategies which will help you into becoming a successful author.

Market Research

The author must know who is his target audience so that he can promote to that specific group. What genre is the book in? Who will it appeal to? What is the right cost? Is this a seasonal book? Is it only for kids? Is it only for women? Am I writing just for religious people?

Based on proper research, the author will be wise when it comes to marketing his book and it will be promoted to the intended audience.


Facebook is very good for advertising to specific audiences so that your ad reaches the right people. The author can set the parameters of his facebook ad so that it can very successful.

Other social media networks such as twitter, linkedin, Google + and others can be very effective in getting people to know that your book is available.

One of the best ways to advertise your book is word of mouth. Once you have a good book and people are enjoying reading it, then they will share the good news without you having to ask them to do it. With a click of a button, your success as an author can grow exponentially.

Design and content

Even if you spend thousands in promoting and marketing your book, it can still be a failure if the design and content of the book is not good. For this reason I always recommend that writers choose professional designers and editors so that your book will look attractive and that the content is free from errors.

But more important than error free content, is content that people want to read. The writer must ask himself if his book is needed. Is there an audience for my book? Does my book make sense? Is it written in an easy to ready style?

A writer should consult with others during the planning and writing stages to get feedback, reviews and expert advice before he actually gets published. A second opinion on your book may prove to save you from failure and discouragement.

Of course this is not a comprehensive article on marketing, but some important tips to keep in mind. We will be adding more and more to this blog so that our readers will get the help they need.

The greatest success as an author is when the reader becomes inspired from your book; the real returns on a book investment is not the money, but the satisfaction that the reader derives from reading your book. Your book must make a difference in someone’s life; it must satisfy a need or fill a void.


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