Why Publish With Us?

Why Publish With Us?

Why publish with Rocima Publishing? This is a very important question especially in the light of so many publishing companies to choose from. Rocima Publishing has been in operation for many years and we have gained the respect and admiration of writers, here in the Caribbean and also internationally. We have become the #1 self-publishing company. We have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals who will take care of all your book publishing needs. The writer only needs to focus on writing and we will take care of the publishing details.

We provide the full range of book publishing services, from manuscript evaluation and preparation to printing and international distribution. We design, edit and give expert advice, guiding you throughout the entire process. We will make your book available on international sales channels so it can get the exposure it deserves.

The author benefits in every way at Rocima Publishing. Some of these benefits include:

  • Free expert advice
  • Retain all rights
  • Retain all profits

The writer simply pays for the publishing services and he/she retains all profits from all sales channel. We make the process simple and straightforward so that the writer can benefit as much as possible.

In addition to the quality services we provide, we also offer specialized courses in book publishing. Feel free to browse our courses and register so that you can be a part of it. These courses are designed to help our writers with writing, expressing their thoughts and properly executing their talent. Our qualified lecturers will give you that extra help that you may need. Our featured course is, How To Start A Book publishing Company. This course will be detailed and comprehensive, dealing with every aspect of starting and operating a successful book publishing company.

Best of all is our commitment to the author, providing full support and help throughout the entire process. We intend to maintain the relationship with all our writers and guide them along in their future endeavors.

There are many reasons for choosing Rocima Publishing. Contact us today and we will help you in becoming a published author.


Rocima Publishing is an excellent book publishing company. I am very pleased with their services and I will be publishing my second book with them in the near future.

Kenrick Richardson

“I am well pleased with the cover; It is truly beautiful and perfect. You capture the essence of my work through art. Excellent publishing work. I thank God for all you have done for me. May God richly bless your company.”

Claire Hospedales

I am satisfied with the services done by Rocima Publishing. The staff was committed and patient. They provided me with answers I wanted throughout my publishing experience. I will definitely recommend them to persons who always wanted to publish a book but were skeptical about the process.


“With many hiccups PSLU’s Love Book 2014 didn’t look like it was coming through. However, at the last minute Rocima came through for me. Mr. Ashook Abdool, is truly dedicated to his work. He personally worked overtime to deliver my books on time.”


“Special thanks to Rocima Publishing for their genuine sincerity. I am fully satisfied with their service and level of professionalism.”

Tevin Dube
Phone: 1.868.221.3813
Fax: 00000
Valencia, Trinidad & Tobago
22 Eastern Main Road