Are You Ready To Take Your Proofreading Skills To The Next Level?


Why enhance your proofreading skills?

Congratulations on completing our quiz. This shows that you have a passion for reading and ensuring documents are free from errors. Excellent!

But do you know that there is a high demand for proofreaders to edit and polish written content such as blog posts, newspaper articles, books, and so much more?

Are you aware that according to the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), proofreading rates start from $31.00 per hour and based on your skills and expertise, you can charge even more?

Would you like to enhance your editing skills and turn your passion for words into a thriving proofreading business?


The Master Proofreader Course 

An intensive online course that will give you the skills and techniques to become a
master proofreader.

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Hi, I'm Ashook


From a very tender age I had a passion for words. My favorite book during primary school was a dictionary with a black cover. I was fascinated with words and their meanings.

Later on, I realized that I was very good at essay and story writing and I would even help my classmates improve on their writing.

I noticed that whenever I was reading any document, errors
would jump out at me; I would cringe at the sight of awkward sentences, typos and grammatical errors.

This love for proofreading had led me to start a book publishing business. Since then, I have been providing editing
services to my clients.

After fifteen years of providing proofreading services for clients all over the world, I am now ready to share my expertise
and skills with anyone who would like to become a professional proofreader.
This is why I am offering the Master Proofreader Course.

In this Course, I will teach you how to evaluate written content, spot common errors and fix them. Together we will explore
the basics of grammar to achieve proper sentence construction and paragraph formation,
and understand the most common errors in writing.

Students will have the opportunity to work on real manuscripts, polishing them to perfection. These practice sessions
will ensure that the students' proofreading skills develop while their confidence grows.

Read what some of my satisfied clients are saying...

I found Ashook while doing an online search for a book publisher. He has done an excellent work on my educational manuscript. His editing skills are really good.

Educator, USA

Ashook has edited and published three books for me. Although I have been an educator for forty years, yet his eagle eyes caught some errors I missed. Thank you Sir.

Eva Swain
Retired Educator, Caribbean

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Advocate, Grenada