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We Provide The Full Range Of Book Publishing Services

At Rocima Publishing, the author is assured of quality work by a team of experienced and qualified individuals. Our range of services are configured for a smooth publishing process.

  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Interior Formatting and Layout
  • ISBN/Barcode Assigning
  • Illustrations
  • Ebook Design
  • International Distribution
  • Printing

Welcome To Our Editorial Department

Our team of editors have been working in the publishing business for many years. We have successfully edited and polished books from different genres. We look at every word, every sentence, each punctuation and the overall style, flow and content.

We Know Exactly How To Polish Your Manuscript

We do much more than fix typos or add commas. Our job is much more detailed and our goal is to transform your manuscript into a work of excellence.

Developmental Editing

We focus on the main message, the big picture and the overall development of the story. The goal here is for clarity and consistency.

Line Editing

Line editing is where our editors remove unnecessary repetitions, vague phrases and inconsistencies while maintaining the voice and style of the author.


This is a detailed work in identifying and fixing spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Our copyeditors also check tenses, rewrite awkward sentences and suggest more appropriate words where necessary.


In this stage, pagination, Table of Contents, index, references, typographical errors and the entire layout is looked at ensuring a well-written and polished manuscript.

Our Design Department

Our team of designers, layout artists and illustrators can provide the expertise needed to create an attractive and well-formatted book.

Custom Cover Design

Each cover is uniquely designed based on the author's idea, the content and the designer's input. This means that no templates are used and all designs are original.

Interior Layout

This is where each page of your book is designed with all elements inserted and alignment and formatting are done based on international standards.


Our team of illustrators can create the look and feel you desire with a range of illustrations from simple line drawings to more detailed art, using professional software.

The Complete Range Of Book Publishing Services

If you need a single service, or you need a complete publishing package, just contact us and we will be happy to serve you!

Manuscript Evaluation

Our team carefully reviews your manuscript and let you know its strengths and weaknesses, and gives you our suggestions.


This is the formal way of legally protecting your work with the US Copyright Office and it can serve to prevent piracy or unauthorized use.

ISBN/Barcode Assigning

As an author publishing with us, we will assign the ISBN to your name, indicating you as the owner of the material.


Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors are fixed. Also the style, flow and overall content is checked and polished.


Here each page is individually designed and formatted. Images, tables and other graphics are inserted.

Cover Design

Customized covers and spine are designed by our team based on the author's requests supplemented with our expertise.

Ebook Creation

We create ebooks based on any genre, and in a wide variety of formats which are upload-ready.

International Distribution

We can upload your book to our international network and make it available in both paperback and electronic formats.


We print in color or black/white, paperback or hardcover. We also offer different binding options.

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