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Helping writers to achieve their true potential by offering a wide range of book publishing services, online training and a supportive community.

Book Publishing Packages

Choose from our affordable book publishing packages that are filled with exceptional value.

Editing Services

Explore our range of editing services which will enhance and polish your writing.

Design Services

Interior layout and book cover design services for that professional look and feel.

Publishing with us is a breeze!

We have simplified the publishing process in the form of packages and individual services. Just choose!

Publishing packages

We make publishing simple for the writer. Just choose one of our affordable publishing packages and our professionals will do the rest. These packages are full of exceptional value and they include all the publishing services you will need.

Publishing services

If you prefer instead a single service such as editing or design, we will be happy to provide it for you.

The Author In Control

At Rocima Publishing, we put you, the writer, in control. We give you full control over the layout, design and pricing of your book. After all, it is your book and we want you to feel proud of your achievement.

With our editing services, we retain the author's unique voice, style and tone. Our editors work along with our authors, providing the best possible experience.

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